The Hotel BJ Vittoria was founded in the early 90’s by Luigi and Miranda thanks to the experience previously obtained in the hospitality sector when they were the owners of the VIttoria  pension . This pension was founded by Elena Gatti, Captain Mantovani’s  widow, in 1938, as it is stated in the first registers, now stored and classified (see picture), and since 1938 it gives hospitality to fascist high hierarchy and nobility of that time, to the German hierarchy, allies and Marshall plan promoters  for the postwar reconstrunction. Since the 60’s it gives hospitality to the technicians that were working at the industrial plan, and just later to tourists.  Nowadays the guests are mainly tourists and business men. The Hotel BJ Vittoria during a careful renovation, has been equipped with technological systems to give a better treatment and more comfort to the guests, but the floral floorings, the stucco, the frescoes, the Murano chandeliers and the furnitures with a classic imperial style were preserved.



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